Crowns: Reinforcement & Protection for Problem Teeth

Age, accidents, and general wear and tear can lead to cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth…damage that presents long-term risks to your overall dental health. Fortunately, dental crowns can be used effectively to restore such teeth. Designed to fit accurately and function as normal teeth, crowns reinforce and preserve the remaining natural tooth/root structure, replace the damaged portions, and provide protection from further damage. Further, because they're designed to precisely reproduce your original dentition, crowns also preserve your jaw's correct alignment.

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Specialized Experience

Dr. Goldberg has a unique understanding and high degree of specialization with crowns, as his Canadian practice served as an original trial site in 1993 for the computer-generated Procera all-ceramic crown system. Thus, Dr. Goldberg had ample experience with the system prior to introducing it here in Dallas. To date, he has developed a true mastery with the product, finding it to be a beautiful, durable solution for many areas of restorative dental care.

Precision, Strength, & Esthetics

Procera's many strengths include an extremely accurate planning and placement method, factoring in the many biomechanical to be withstood by the newly restored tooth. In consideration of these factors, the crown is created to the shape, size and thickness required to ensure proper function and precise fit. Further, the Procera color matching system is second to none, allowing for shadow, position, adjacent dentition coloration, and natural lighting effects.

Other advantages of the Procera crown stem from the material itself: unlike traditional metal-porcelain combinations, the all-ceramic composition has a translucence and shading similar to natural tooth enamel. Further, it bonds to the old tooth structure instead of binding it, lending strength instead of instituting potential risk for future concern. It thus provides heavy-duty durability, withstands incredible biting forces over time without changing shape or position, and is nearly imperceptible, even around the gum-line.

Preparation & Customization

According to the degree of restoration required, we can typically design and fit your crowns in just a couple of steps. First, Dr. Goldberg carefully numbs the mouth and prepares the recipient tooth or teeth by gently filing down the outer portion. Based on years of experience, he’ll carefully and judiciously eliminate decayed areas, simultaneously creating the proper shape and size to accommodate your crowns. Next, he'll make a precise impression of your teeth and send it to the Procera laboratory. At this point, he'll protect your teeth and gums with a temporary acrylic resin crown or crowns.

At the Procera laboratory, a scanner 'reads' information from your impression, taking between 30,000 and 50,000 point readings before generating a computer image of your prepared tooth (see above). From this data, a technician prepares a precise 'coping', from which the computer will then generate the crown model, followed by the crown itself. Such precision involved in each step assures an accurate final fit.

Application & Preservation

When your final crown or crowns are ready, Dr. Goldberg will remove the temporary ones and carefully place the permanent ones. Then he'll carefully evaluate them for appearance, color match, bite discrepancies, and fit. When he’s satisfied with these criteria, he’ll cement the crown or crowns to the prepared tooth or teeth. At home, you'll need to protect the base from bacterial growth by conscientiously brushing and flossing them. And finally, it’s imperative to maintain good professional care of your crowns through regular check-ups at our office.

Initial view of worn, spaced teeth. Temporary crowns to preview esthetics.
1-1/2 mm removed from teeth during preparation. Accurate impression of prepared teeth.
4 individual Procera crowns. Completed Procera crowns.


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