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Whether we are doing something as simple as a single crown or rebuilding an entire dentition, we realize that it is difficult at times to visualize just how dramatic the results can be. That is why we’d like you to be able to see what a specialty practice such as ours is capable of. We are very proud of what we can do, so please browse through some of the following examples of our work and, if you would like a more detailed description of some of our procedures, please check out our Patient Library section for more explanations and photographs as well. Then, if you have any questions or you think we might be able to help you with any of these materials, techniques or treatments to improve your health and appearance, we’d love to hear from you.

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Broken central incisor that had been bonded. Replacement Procera all-ceramic crown

Broken porcelain on metal crown in elderly patient. Characterized all porcelain crown to match natural teeth.

Old opaque porcelain on metal crown. Replacement Procera crown with life-like translucency.

Worn and spaced anterior teeth. 4 anterior teeth restored with all-ceramic crowns.

Life-like appearance of a porcelain molar crown. X-ray of crown allows visualizing interior tooth structure.

Old laminates after crown lenethening to optimize tooth proportions Completed laminates bonded in place

Old crowns and anterior bridgework.
New all-ceramic bridges and crowns.

Old worn partial denture replacing missing front and back teeth. Upper arch restored with porcelain-fused-to-metal bridgework
Compromised esthetics due to worn partial denture. Improved esthetics with new bridgework.

Severe wear and bite collapse due to grinding/clenching. Restoration of esthetics and function with new crowns.

Severe breakdown due to wear and missing teeth. Completed rehabilitation with crowns and partial denture.

Severe wear and bite collapse from clenching and grinding.
Completed rehabilitation including crown lengthening.

Severe tooth wear associated with anterior grinding. All-ceramic crown along with crown lengthening.

Failing bridgework on hopelessly infected teeth. Metal-ceramic bridge supported by implants.

Old crown plus missing tooth. New porcelain crowns on implant and natural tooth.

Missing central incisor. Implant abutment ready to support new crown.
Completed porcelain implant crown.

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